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Joseph Andrew LeMay
Laboratory Director

Mr. LeMay has over 30 years experience working in the aquatic toxicity testing field. His early career centered on aquatic toxicity research at the university level where projects included research into toxicity and detoxification mechanisms in marine organisms and the research and development of a marine bioassay manual for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Later, Mr. LeMay spent several years working for both private industrial and municipal dischargers where he specialized in conducting aquatic toxicity testing for discharge regulation compliance. Prior to establishing Aquatic Testing Laboratories, Mr. LeMay spent several years as a biology supervisor of a large, nationwide environmental testing laboratory where he supervised the testing of a wide variety of environmental samples using both acute and chronic bioassay protocols and bacteriological testing procedures, and as well as other departmental managerial responsibilities.

Aquatic Testing Laboratories also employs several part-time personnel who help in the routine aspects of laboratory testing, test organism collection, boat maintenance, sample collection, as well as other client services as needed.